Job Seekers: Are You Interviewing Your Interviewer?

Have you ever been hired into what you thought would be your dream job only to find that it’s more like a nightmare? If the answer is yes, it’s possible you didn't ask the right questions during the interview.

Most job seekers prepare diligently for an interview with the intention of convincing the interviewer that we are the perfect person for the job. However, most spend much less time trying to figure out whether the job, the boss and the company truly meet our needs and expectations.

Ask questions that will help you answer the following questions: (1) Is this a manager and company I will be able to trust?, (2) Is this a manager and company that operates in a way that is motivating for me?, and (3) How will the company invest in my personal and career growth?

All about Trust

Can you trust the company? Trust is the basis of all successful relationships. Now, this doesn’t happen over night; however, there are some key questions that can help you to identify any red flags. What is your prospective boss’s management style? How are decisions made and what level of autonomy will you have? What are the core values of the company and how do they encourage employees to embrace these values? Can they share examples of when the values have been demonstrated?

Getting Motivated

It’s difficult to be successful in any job without motivation. The first question is for you: What motivates you? Are you inspired by collaboration, or do you prefer to solve problems on your own? What type of recognition motivates you? Then come up with a list of questions for your interviewers to better understand if the company culture is a good fit. Ask about the company and individuals set goals, evaluate performance, and reward success. 

Personal Growth

Lastly, but perhaps the most important is identifying a company that invests in its employees. Companies that care about their employees have employees that care about their company. Do they offer continued education benefits? Do they encourage their senior staff to mentor junior employees? Are programs in-place that enhance work/life balance? How passionate is the interviewer about the information that they share? If they are excited, chances are you have reason to be as well. 

By asking the right questions you can eliminate the wrong opportunities and increase your chances for finding a fulfilling career. 

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