I already have a job, but it’s not really the right fit for me.
My resume is getting swallowed up in a sea of competition.
I‘d like explore new opportunities, but I don’t have the time.

If these sentiments sound familiar, then Enginuity is for you. Here’s why:


Not the Typical Job Search

You scour the job sites. Find interesting openings. Do some quick research. Write a cover letter. Update your resume. Complete an online application. Submit to an anonymous hiring department. Roll your eyes at the automated, impersonal responses. Then you sit and wonder, “is this really going to work?” The answer—usually not.

Enginuity is not a job board.


100% Engineering Focused

Enginuity is not a job listing site. We are 100% engineering focused. We work with smart companies who understand the importance of cultural fit. And we work with engineers who are looking for more than just a paycheck. It’s what great engineers and great companies want. 


Opportunities that Fit

Enginuity goes beyond the resume to match not only qualifications, but personality and work style. Complete a free profile once, and Enginuity goes to work on your behalf to find great jobs that really fit. Once we find a match, we’ll make an introduction. And since the hiring manager will know that you are the cream of the crop, you’ll have a leg-up on the competition. 


Enginuityjobs.com is a great tool for the working engineer who is interested in knowing about new opportunities, but doesn’t want to post their resume for all to see.
— Robert H. from Austin, TX